VABE 1100: Architectural Design I

An introduction to the fundamental skills and critical concepts of visual perception and production common to all areas of two-dimensional image-making. Basic principles of composition and design, light and pigment-based colour theory, as these apply to painting, photo-based processes, and print production. Their use and application will be will be explored within the contemporary art context. Class projects may involve interdisciplinarity between these media. Studio assignments are combined with related critical theory, historical practice and current strategies. The lab is intended to introduce students to design concept of form, space, composition, in two and three dimensions, and how they relate to human experiences. Students are introduced to the principles of design and the design process as a foundation for architectural design. (6 lecture hours and 6 laboratory hours per week.) (6.0 unit course) (Credit will not be granted for VABE 1060 if taken subsequently to VABE 1100.) (Restricted to students in the Visual Arts and the Built Environment program.)

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