KINE 1000: Health and Wellness

This introductory course will examine health and wellness from both a local and global perspective. Personal health and wellness will be evaluated from a physical, mental, spiritual and social perspective. Behavioural change and motivational techniques will be explored to aid in achieving a healthier lifestyle. This course will introduce various topics that impact the health […]

KINE 1110: Principles of Mental Skills Training

This course surveys the psychological principles underlying cognitive techniques that can be used to improve performance and enjoyment in physical activity environments such as sport and exercise. Among the topics to be explored will be goal setting, anxiety control, and attentional focus.

KINE 1200: Introduction to the Sport Industry

This course introduces students to macro aspects of the sport industry, including the key decision-making bodies, governance structures, funding pathways, and legal considerations in the public, non-profit, and commercial sectors of sport and recreation. This course provides an overview of current industry trends and issues, while exposing students to the wide variety of career opportunities […]

KINE 1400: Historical Perspectives on Physical Activity in Western Civilization

This introductory course presents an overview of the significance of physical activity and sport in Western Civilization from ancient Greece to the present by specific reference to selected topics in different eras through which the particular society may be examined. Within this framework, the relationship of physical activity and sport to such factors as economics, […]

KINE 1500: Principles of Sport Management

An introduction to sport management as a profession and academic discipline. Special emphasis will be given to the principles associated with the management of various types of sport organizations, along with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully navigate employment in the sport industry.

KINE 1650: Functional Anatomy

An in-depth study of the human musculoskeletal system. Emphasis will be placed on the components of skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Joint articulations will be covered in detail. (3 lecture hours per week; 1 lab hour per week; weekly test.)

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