Biological Sciences

Hands-on experiences with an incredible number of labs throughout undergraduate studies
Very flexible and comprehensive program where students can choose to focus in any area of study (from molecular biology to ecosystems), preparing students for a broad range of career paths
A variety of specializations, including various STEM options for students who are interested in this subject but want the practicality of a business education

Program Overview & Highlights

Study the fundamentals of life in this flexible program that lets you blaze your own trail. Specialize in microbiology, cellular development, environmental and evolutionary biology, population and ecosystem ecology, or any combination of these areas. You’ll learn research techniques in our new labs and out in the field that will prepare you for a wide range of career paths, ranging from interests at the molecular level, to whole organism (including humans) and/or the more complex community and ecosystem levels.

What Will I Learn?

Understanding and analyzing biological systems from the level of DNA up to and including ecosystem processes
Operating advanced scientific laboratory equipment and instruments
Taking careful measurements and recording precise observations using best practices/field techniques
Communicating interpreted technical and scientific data to various audiences

Explore Your Opportunites

Professional schools (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine)
conservation officer
agricultural scientist
animal care specialist
laboratory supervisor

Connect With Biological Sciences


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