Economics is a small, high-quality program. You will receive individual attention and connect with your profs starting from recruitment and continuing throughout the program.
Outstanding scholars – our top students are involved in paid research opportunities with faculty!

Program Overview & Highlights

Corner the market on economics education with this bachelor of science program. Learn the effects of deficits and spending cuts, and how the actions of individuals, firms and public agencies affect the overall economy. How do we reduce the unemployment rate? How does globalization affect the Canadian economy? You’ll be able to answer these questions and more. There’s more math involved in this program than in our Economics BA program. You’ll have the flexibility to personalize your education, combine it with other programs and have research opportunities.

What Will I Learn?

Using relevant statistical methods to understand economic issues, identify patterns, and forecast trends
Understanding and predicting the ways in which valuable human, natural, and abstract resources are distributed, shared, and protected
Arguing for evidence-based, optimal, high-efficiency resource allocation practices

Explore Your Opportunites

Commercial/investment banking
Business analyst
Financial analyst
Investment advisor
Economic researcher

Connect With Economics


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