Women’s & Gender Studies

Program Overview & Highlights

Explore how gender, race and sexualities shape your daily life and the relationships you foster. You’ll learn from world-renowned leaders in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, and sexual assault resistance education. Women’s and Gender Studies provides students with a lens to explore how power works through various intersecting systems of oppression such as ability, class, gender, nation, race, sexuality and spirituality work to organize our society. The program questions traditional academic notions of what counts as knowledge and encourages students to apply concepts and theories to their own lives and to be change agents in the world. We teach students to see the connections between local, global and transnational sociopolitical forces in shaping lived embodied experiences of gender and sexuality. The program is geared towards community capacity building to empower students to find their own meanings and develop their engagement in their sociopolitical environment.

What Will I Learn?

Explore the role of gender and other aspects of human diversity in shaping society, culture, and the lived experience of individuals
Examine barriers to equality and construct strategies for the promotion of social justice for all Canadians
Identify the ways in which one’s own values, experiences, and beliefs shape interactions with others in personal and professional contexts

Explore Your Opportunites

Human rights advocate
women’s counsellor
gender and sexuality educator
women’s substance abuse support worker
community development coordinator

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