Environmental Science / Studies

Environmental Science: a rigorous, comprehensive, applied science program that provides unparalleled access to high-impact lecture, laboratory, and field learning experiences
Environmental Studies: a one-of-a-kind program addressing the diversity of human/environment interactions that prepares students for emerging, high demand professions, such as climate change management

Program Overview & Highlights

Food and water security for all North Americans depends on the Great Lakes, and environmental scientists play a critical role in their management and sustainability. Here, at the heart of the Great Lakes, we provide our students with comprehensive and balanced training in the physical and living environment – atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, biosphere. Through a systems-based approach, you will learn and apply a diversity of scientific tools and skills to understand the structure, function and health of this globally important freshwater resource. Our students have the skills employers are looking for!

What Will I Learn?

Understand and analyze the impact of natural and human influences on economic, political, cultural, and environmental systems
Discuss major topics in environmental science and studies, including climate change, population trends and globalization, resource management, and environmental assessment and monitoring
Observe and assess changes in various environments and interpret their impact on biogeochemical systems

Explore Your Opportunites

GIS technician
sustainability specialist
Environmental scientist
research scientist

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