Mechanical Engineering

Small classes, for a hands-on experience to motivate your career.
Variety of options to tailor the program to your interests, and still finish with a mechanical engineering degree.
Students have a general first year, then can pick their engineering specialization in a 1:17 faculty to student ratio.

Program Overview & Highlights

Mechanical Engineering H Co-op Begin your journey to an exciting career in mechanical engineering by developing a solid foundation in machine design, CAD, and thermofluids with applications in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and materials engineering. Available specializations include automotive, aerospace, environmental, and materials. Our facilities include a dedicated project courtyard where students develop their hands on capabilities. The faculty promotes connections with industry through projects, courses, and workplace co-op opportunities. Mechanical Engineering with General Option H Co-op Complement an excellent foundation in mechanical engineering with a broad selection of technical courses such as turbomachines, gas dynamics, mechatronics, environmental effects and control of noise, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Courses can also be taken from the automotive, aerospace, environmental, and materials options to customize your mechanical engineering degree. Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Option H Co-op Develop your aerospace skills as you learn about propulsion, aerodynamics, structures, materials, and drone technology. Consider taking advantage of our unique opportunity to obtain your private pilot’s license for course credit or compete internationally with our aero or rocket teams. Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Option H Co-op Study such topics as vehicle handling, vehicle thermal management, innovative powertrain technologies, and participate in hands on learning in the lab. Opportunities abound to design, build, and race a variety of ground vehicles in international competitions. Mechanical Engineering with Environmental Option H Co-op Learn how to apply mechanical know-how to solve the sustainability challenges associated with machinery. The program combines the foundation of mechanical engineering with courses that focus on the quality of air and water, and waste management. Mechanical Engineering with Materials Option H Co-op Apply the principles of material structure and properties to the design, manufacture, and analysis of components across a range of industry sectors, including automotive and aerospace. Includes metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials.

What Will I Learn?

Designing, producing, and operating a wide variety of complex mechanical systems
Understanding and internalizing aerodynamics, heating and ventilation, and energy production
Planning effective, large-scale projects that manage resources and balance considerations including cost, quality, and speed

Explore Your Opportunites

Automotive/aerospace engineer
materials development specialist
manufacturing engineer
mining engineer
automation systems designer
R&D manager

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