Forensic Science

With a broad range of courses including physics and chemistry, you will learn crime scene investigation and spend time in industry specific labs
Learn from Professors with relevant, real-world experience, helping you gain industry related knowledge from first-year onward

Program Overview & Highlights

Forensic Science is the degree for the 21st century and UWindsor’s program is ahead of its time. We’ll train you to investigate and analyze evidence from crimes ranging from homicide to abuse, and from fraud to hacking. We have the latest technology — biometric scanners, laser scanners, computerized fingerprint scanning, security document scanners, and more. We supplement your classroom learning with mock crime scenes and labs and you’ll get training in scientific methodologies and crime scene investigation from a variety of professionals, including academics, police officers, lawyers and expert witnesses.

What Will I Learn?

Appropriately handling, packaging, and recording relevant details of crime scene artifacts
Taking careful original measurements based on established practices and regulations
Operating advanced scientific laboratory equipment and instruments

Explore Your Opportunites

Forensic biologist/chemist
surveillance specialist
lab technician
crime scene officer
pathology assistant

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